Why JA?

Today companies are facing significant shortages of skilled entry level workers as there is a wide gap between employability of students as perceived by industry versus educators. Another issue significantly affecting industry is turnover. Barring some professions like law, medicine, accountancy where internships and on the job training are part of the education process, many organizations find it difficult to retain young talent. Young people join jobs with limited understanding of what the job entails, and unrealistic expectations, become dissatisfied and switch. Though a few may recognise and pursue their passion and interests, many go on switching jobs – not a happy situation for either employees or employers!

How often have we felt that we might have chosen different educational paths and careers, had we only known about the range of work options open to us! Relevant inputs from experienced professionals early in our lives, could have directed us towards a range of careers based on interest and aptitude, rather than defaulting to standard professions. One reason for the skills and turnover issues we face today is a fundamental disconnect between people’s interests, their education and skill sets and their careers.

At JA India, we believe that best way to tackle this situation is to educate students about professions and industries in the real world and understand what the world of work is all about. We partner with industry to run work readiness programs that help students see how their talents and interests could lead to different career choices.