Corporate Partner

Various companies in the past have participated in various ways with JA. While some have contributed to the overall operating budget of JA so as to ensure sustainability of operations, some corporate have sponsored certain Programs of JA (Mini Factory Model, Careers With A Purpose) in line with their objectives, some corporate have sponsored events and competitions (around Social Innovation, around Science and Technology, Business Simulation etc) and some other have created programs with JA (More Than Money etc.).

Based on our experience with various corporate in the past, the following are the different ways that your company can participate in JA


Implementation Partners:

  • This will be pure volunteering option with a specific target number of volunteers that the Corporate might want to engage as part of its CSR initiatives.
  • Implementation Partnership would involve Sponsoring for a target impact (minimum of 1,000 students). The Implementation could be either Geography specific or School Cluster specific sponsor with unrestricted programs
  • The Implementation Partner bears the cost of administering the program based on the cost per student and the number of students that the Corporate wishes to target.


Sponsorship Partners:

  • This will be pure sponsorship without any requirement for volunteers to implement the Programs
  • Sponsorship Partnership would involve sponsoring JA on the whole so that it can take care of its general Operating Budget. The sponsoring would not be specific to Programs, Volunteers and Schools; and will also not be linked to a specific impact target.
  • The Sponsorship Partner sponsors JA India as an organisation to support it in its operations

Co-Branding Partners:

  • This will be purely for those Corporates that want to reach out to children through JA as the channel, staying within the JA program framework and statutory guidelines.
  • Co-Branding Partnership will involve any co-branding material or event used to broadcast the corporate image/message. Depending on the Corporate’s marketing approach and taking into account JA’s policies with respect to co-branding, the co-branded material/event would be designed jointly and implemented.
  • The Co-Branding Partner bears the co-branding cost of the material as well as royalty to JA for usage of its channel.


Program Partners:

  • This will be sponsoring of a specific set of programs and also providing volunteers to implement the same.
  • Program Partnership sponsoring would be specific to a particular Program or a customized version of that Program
  • The Program Partner sponsor(s) bears the cost of administering the specific program based on the cost per student and the number of students that the program partner wishes to target. In addition, the Program Partner also bears any additional cost of customization of the Program.

Competition Partners:

  • This will be sponsoring a particular competition and also providing volunteers to judge/implement the competition
  • Competition Partnership would involve organizing and implementing the competition across various schools. Typically this would be multistage with Corporate involvement in conceptualizing, implementing and judging the competition.
  • The Competition Partner bears the cost of the competition event, any specific material that needs to be created and Prize money.