What do you want to be when you grow up? How will you decide what career path to pursue and what educational choices to make? Would you like to learn how all the things you learn at school can be applied in real life situations?

All these questions are addressed through JA India programs and competitions. JA India has reached out to more than 250,000 students in India since its inception. We provide opportunities for students to interact with volunteers and leaders from industry who will share their insights and experiences of the world of work. Through our competitions you get an opportunity to work with professionals, gain a better understanding of business and apply classroom concepts to solve real life problems

60% of students think JA India programs are fun and connect the classroom to real life. About 65% of the students feel that after attending JA sessions, they are better able to take steps to reach their chosen career and that what they learnt in JA will help them be successful!

So reach out to us today to request a JA program in your school. You can learn more about our competitions here.

“JA Titan – awesome competition… Getting knocked out doesn’t make me that sad because being one among the 40 teams makes me feel proud.”

– JA Mumbai student

“Before the session many children in the class did not treat studies importantly. But now we keep gials and struggle to achieve it. It was very interesting and we feel that our career and our future is in our hands and it depends on our behaviour, goals and efforts.

-   JA Hyderabad Class IX student