JA Careers with a Purpose

The JA Careers with a Purpose (JACWAP) program is designed to meet the needs of students in class IX to XII. Its purpose is to enhance the target group’s level of understanding about the real world of work. The program also focuses on the Indian Industry, business and organizations, creating a context in which professionals engage with students about various options that are available to them in the working world and how they can choose the career that serves their purpose the best.

The children now know about Products/Services/Professions and also understand the Interest Web, they now get introduced to another dimension within Professions, that of Functional Expertise. This creates a kind of Matrix wherein a Teaching Professional can be a Teacher/ a Principal/ an Administrator/ a Course Creator/ an Examiner/ a Marketer and so on.

Each of the intersection points is what we define as the Role, for each Role we introduce here the concept of SEEK which is Skills/Education/Experience/Knowledge required for to perform the duties of the role.

We then go back the Interest question and now personalize the Interest. This JA Program is commonly referred to as JA Careers with a Purpose (JACWAP).

The JA Student at the end of this program stage (classroom and related reinforcers where applicable) begins their journey to translate their interests into a group of functions/roles/entities that they could be part of. As they complete their translation for some combinations of interest and role in a function within an entity, they would be able to arrive at the SEEKs and therefore begin to frame views on adjunct queries such as which academic streams they may like to pursue.

Through a variety of experiential activities and classroom sessions, volunteers help students appreciate the inter-relationship between education, work, individual and the environment. During their visits to classrooms, volunteers also serve as role models to students

The natural progression from JACWAP is for students to further explore their Interest using Interest Circles and seek to gain further insight into professions through Job Shadow.