JA Work and Interest

After completing stage 1, children are ready to think about their Interest given that they now are aware of the Factory Model. The purpose of the Work and Interest (WIN) program for class VIII students is to help students translate their interest in different professions and help them understand how these professions translate into work in the real world. The students are introduced to the concept of SEEK (Skills, Education, Experience, Knowledge) required of every professional.

The program starts by introducing the idea of Professions so that students understand that each of the Products/ Services/Professions require specific human beings with specific traits. Students explore the idea that careers that are fuelled by Interest have a greater probability of being successful as viewed by different parameters of success.

The program then puts forth the idea of “Interest Spider” which creates the “Interest Web”. Each Interest has several professions that it touches (in a web) and this Web continuously grows as the Interest Spider moves into new territories. For example, previously Technology and Art were quite far apart but today with Internet/Mobile technologies Art and Technology have far greater links. Similarly, the example of a dietician at NASA again demonstrates how the Interest Spider grows and devours sometimes quite unlikely professions.

JA Students at the end of this program stage (classroom and related reinforcers where applicable) begin their journey to crystallize their interests and/or arrive at the translation of their interests into a group of professions. By the end of stage 2, Students will have an actionable view on Interests, Professions, Roles, Education, Experience and how these lead to Career Paths